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Below are links to other resources that Marriage Mentors has found helpful; perhaps you will find them helpful as well as you seek to strengthen your marriage relationship or better prepare for marriage. Experience has taught us that our marriage mentor program interfaces almost seamlessly with almost all other marriage strengthening resources. We therefore seek to direct couples who desire to strengthen their marriage to a variety of resources along with offering our own program. If interested, check out these websites for what they have to offer you on your marital journey!


Stay Married is a site representing another “Michiana home-grown” marriage resource ministry with whom Marriage Mentors partners. This ministry provides opportunity for you and your spouse to hear inspiring testimonies and teaching about Christian marriage as well as participate in monthly gatherings in the Elkhart area with other believing couples. It also links you to many other marriage strengthening resources.


One of the most strategic ways to effectively show love to your spouse is by learning their primary “love language” (PLL) and then learn to express your love to them through that language. You can each learn your PLL by simply going to this site and taking Dr. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages test online—absolutely free!


Growing marriages always include two people working at adjusting to each other’s personality temperament. This site offers you a free personality temperament test so that you can then better understand how to adapt your personality to that of your spouse. Be sure to click on the bottom psychological test option on the home page to take this valuable insight-yielding personality test.


Marriage Mentors utilizes a DVD set entitled Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce for couples in our marriage mentor program who need a crisis intervention component as well as our mainstay marriage strengthening program. These DVDs are now available directly to you, via downloading them from this website. It is an excellent, biblically-based teaching series done in a news magazine type format and includes marriage & family experts, couple testimonials, and a moderator.

This is the single most helpful source you will find for resources about blended (step) family living.  Ron Deal and others offer totally practical insight and suggestions about how to do remarriage and relationship with your spouse's child in a way that everyone wins.  Sibling relationships, especially difficult situations, and virtually all other related issues are addressed.  Check it out!