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June 2018

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What Are We Committing to As Marriage Mentors?

Without exception, couples who choose to become marriage mentors with our organization are couples whose "ministry plate" tends to be already full.  That is because couples who make good marriage mentors also make good elders, deacons, small group leaders, youth/children's ministry helpers, men's


Marriage Strengthening Tip #3: We Have Not Because We Ask Not

There are no doubt many reasons why we feel we do not know how to work on our marriage.  A sadly small percentage of people had parents who modeled or skillfully taught them, when young, about how to intentionallly work on their future marriage.  While the church of today is doing considerably be


Marriage Strengthening Tip # 2: Prioritize!

Let’s be honest, when we all come to the end of our life, what really matters is the relationship we’ve had with those who mean the most to us (a relationship with our Creator being most important).  Stuff, money, experiences, and most all else don’t mean squat in comparison.  (Accomplishments do