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Marriage Strengthening Tip #10: Personality or Attitude?, Part 2

Marriage Strengthening Tip #10: Personality or Attitude?, Part 2

Here's the thing--God purposely created the idea that two personalities, his and hers, should live together in holy matrimony so that their different personalities can complement and supplement one another (see I Corinthians 11:11).  You know, that opposites attract thing?  It's true, and nobody said it better, or at least more famously, than Rocky when he said to Adrian: "Hey, Adrian, you got gaps, I got gaps, togedda we got no gaps."  Your strengths are often your spouse's weaknesses and vice versa.  Now, when you adapt your personalities to one another, you compensate for the others' deficiencies in ways that benefit both of you, your children, and everybody else.  When you don't adapt, expecting your spouse to do all the adapting (a weakness all spouses have), you put a strain on the relationship.

Now, there is one other big reason the Lord locked your two different personality temperaments together in martimony.  To learn what that is, catch my next blog in this series about "personality or attitude?"

Paul Spasic


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