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Marriage Strengthening Tip #12: Personality or Attitude?, Part 4

Marriage Strengthening Tip #12: Personality or Attitude?, Part 4

In the final part of this series, I want to give you some specific steps for adapting your personality temperament to that of your spouse.  (Please read Parts 1-3 first).  That famous "love chapter" in Paul's first letter to Corinth tells us that real love does not insist on its' own way (chapter 13, verse 5) and it also bears all things (verse 7).  With those two timeless and powerful truths in mind, be willing to become more intentional at being adaptable to your spouse.  First, recognize, accept, and even celebrate those traits specific to his/her personality.  After all, personality traits (not heart attitudes) are hard wired by the Lord on purpose.  Secondly, try becoming more aware of those needs specific to your spouses' personality.  Once you do, you can strive to adapt your personality to your spouses' so as to meet her/his needs more so than get what you want.  It is all too easy to let a smug attitude of I just am who I am trump a willingness to adapt to your mate.  In short: accept his/her personality and adjust your attitude!

Again, doing one of our marriage mentorships is one of the best ways to learn how to apply the truths in this blog series.  Shoot me an email today via the contact tab on the home page.  There is a richer, fuller, married life ahead for you than you may ever have thought possible!

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