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Marriage Strengthening Tip #3: We Have Not Because We Ask Not

Marriage Strengthening Tip #3: We Have Not Because We Ask Not

There are no doubt many reasons why we feel we do not know how to work on our marriage.  A sadly small percentage of people had parents who modeled or skillfully taught them, when young, about how to intentionallly work on their future marriage.  While the church of today is doing considerably better than ever teaching couples how to do marriage God's way, some have yet to hear a message preached about it or attended a small group class about it in their church.  Wrong examples abound, sometimes even in the church as well as in pop culture which has either trashed holy matrimony beyond recognition, or, simply abandoned it.  As true as those things are, there is one source we all have immediate access to but all-too-often tend to overlook: actually going straight to our Lord in prayer, simply asking for his help regarding our marital struggles.  Seriously, the next time the dust settles after you two disagree, argue, or fight, why not steal away to a quiet spot in the house or elsewhere and pray this simple prayer: "Lord, would you please help me in this conflict?  What are you teaching me here?"  Then allow him to give you some answers in his time and way.  James reminds us that "we have not because we ask not" (Ja. 4:2); we readily apply that to not receiveing some blessing we want.  How about applying it to our marriage struggles and go straight to the Lord asking him for help knowing how to resolve conflict or increase our understanding of our spouse?

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