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Marriage Strengthening Tip #8: The Superglue of Marriage

Marriage Strengthening Tip #8: The Superglue of Marriage

An informal survey of married constituents of what was at the time the largest Protestant church denomination in the country revealed an astonishing indicator.  The liklihood of divorce decreased from roughly one in two or three to one in almost 39,000 when three factors were present in the marriage!  One: some type of formal premarital preparation.  Two: involvement (not mere attendance) in a local church.  Three: the couple made praying together a priority (and not just praying over their meals).  Guess which of the three factors dropped the liklihood of divorce the most?  Although the survey results could not officially confirm it, I'd bet a set of tickets to the best seats in Wrigley Field that it was the practice of praying together.

My wife tells me that nothing more secures her in my love than when I pray with her.  Doing so positions both spouses to immediately access more of whatever is needed: perspective, patience, wisdom, or humility, just to name a few.  It is impossible to humble yourself before the Lord in prayer and not humble yourself before your spouse when that is what's needed.  And it is often what is needed.

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