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We’re Not That Messed Up!

We’re Not That Messed Up!

Good news!  The stigma that seeking help for your marriage means admitting you are a wife-beater or man-hater is a thing of the past.  Sure that’s what people thought in the 1950s, but hey, this is the 2000s! 

Today couples know there is no such thing as an ideal marriage and that all couples have conflict!  What you likely do not know is that there are great ways to take your marriage from wherever it is to the next level, whatever that level may be.  One of the best ways to do that is by doing our marriage mentor program. 

Guys, another stigma that is now history is the idea that only a wimp “spills his guts” to someone else about his marriage issues.  To dispel that nonsense, just check out the video in the right hand column on this page entitled Marriage Strengthening and Crisis Intervention.  Real men are no longer the face of the Marlboro Man; they in fact look more like you and me.  Guys who say, “Okay, I can use some help with an idea or two about how to do marriage better” are in fact authentic men.  They know their wife and children are worth investing in.

So, shoot me a text today 574-651-7627 or email me at and let me tell you a little about our marriage mentor program, man-to-man.