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You Can Refer a Couple Without Referring Them!

You Can Refer a Couple Without Referring Them!

Yes, a bit contradictory, but here's what I mean.  As noted in my other blogs about referring couples to our marriage mentor program, discretion is indeed necessary.  Any hint of Yikes, you two need help! is very likely inappropriate.  However, there is a simple way to refer couples without doing so in a direct manner.  Bring up the subject of marriage, in general, or yours in particular.  People typically have something to say about marriage--good, bad, or ugly.  Let the conversation roll along under its own steam for a bit.  Then watch for an opportunity to reference me, Paul Spasic.  Something like, "I know (or have heard about) a guy that's all about the marriage thing; his name is Paul Spasic.  He has this cool program that...".  Once you complete your brief description of the program, more or less drop the subject.  Then, if they show any interest whatsoever in our unique program, simply send them to our website at: .  If not familiar with the program, go there yourself first. 

You need not even know if they are expressing an interest because of struggles in their own marriage, in the marriage of someone they know and care about, or if they simply want to learn more about the concept.  In fact, you could go at it along the lines of, "You know, any couple struggling in their marriage ought to be made aware of this program." 

I have found that making couples aware of this wonderful resource for strengthening any marriage is usually done as a result of simply keeping in mind that the program is available.  Referring couples to it then becomes a natural kind of thing that happens in the course of everyday conversations.

Thank you!  By engaging in this discreet endeavor, the marriage you bless could be your own! 

Paul Spasic


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