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You May Be Qualified to Become Marriage Mentors and Not Know It!

You May Be Qualified to Become Marriage Mentors and Not Know It!

If you have not yet viewed the video under the GET INVOLVED tab on the home page, please do so.  Just hover your cursor over that tab and then click on the first drop down box that says BECOME A MENTOR COUPLE. 

Whether or not you check out that video, let me encourage you to consider being trained as one of our marriage mentor couples.  Obviously, you need to be in a healthy marriage with a strong Christian foundation, but the other qualifications may not be what you think. 

You do not need to have an ideal marriage or never have disagreements.  If that were the case, I would have no marriage mentor couples! 

You do need to be able to say, Christ is at the center of our relationship and we keep working at adjusting to each other.  If you can say that, you quite possibly are a candidate.  Furthermore, we desperately need more trained marriage mentor couples in a remarriage who can say that!  We have many couples accessing our program who are in a second marriage and prefer to be mentored by a couple who understands, experientially, a remarriage. 

If you are not really sure whether or not you qualify, please contact me so we can talk about it.  If I feel you do not qualify, I will be honest with you about that.  I have however talked with numerous couples who were uncertain if they qualify and after learning more, discovered that they in fact do qualify.  Let’s talk about it.  Go to the CONTACT page of this site and shoot me an email.

Paul Spasic
Marriage Mentors