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Your Referral May Be the Key to a Couple’s Future!

Your Referral May Be the Key to a Couple’s Future!

I know what you may be thinking: “Our marriage is doing well; why do I need to consider this marriage mentor program??”  The answer is simple: you need to consider it for the sake of someone else’s marriage whom you know that may be struggling at one level or another. 

Of course, your next thought is: “Fine, but how do I refer them to this program discreetly without conveying the idea that I think they are in bad shape and need help?  Again, simple: first familiarize yourself with the program by navigating around this site, especially the video of a couple who completed the program (in the right hand column on this page entitled Marriage Strengthening and Crisis Intervention). 

Then wait for one of those times when he or she refers to their marriage hassles, and seize the moment by saying something like: Well, you might want to check out an organization called Marriage Mentors at and see what you think about it.  I am willing to say that you doing that could be the most strategic thing that ever happens in their marriage and the future of their family.  Including their children’s future, and just maybe, the future of their grandchildren! 

Can you think, off the top of your head, of very many things more fulfilling than to know you were the means by which their entire family journey took the right fork in the road?