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Partnerships with Counselors


Since 2002, a number of both professional and pastoral/biblical counselors have partnered with Marriage Mentors. In such a partnership, everyone wins.

The counselor finds, in referring a couple to Marriage Mentors with whom they have already completed marriage counseling, that the mentor couple is able to beautifully follow-up and reinforce whatever ownership of issues the counselee couple took away from the counseling experience. It seals and maximizes outcomes! The mentee couple finds in their mentor couple someone with whom development of a marriage strengthening and supportive personal relationship/friendship violates no professional ethics or protocol. And, of course, Marriage Mentors expands its opportunity to impact more couples. The two disciplines (counseling & mentoring) blend together to offer the married couple optimal help in strengthening their relationship through multiple resources.

An increasing number of counselors are finding this partnership to be incredibly effective, and in fact, long overdue. It is working together “for the client’s best interest” in the fullest sense of that core counseling value. Please know that no attempt is made by the marriage mentor couples to counsel. Part of the training for the marriage mentor couples Marriage Mentors uses includes very specific instruction to know their limits as mentors and readily refer their mentee couple to a counselor whenever surfacing issues call for it. Marriage Mentors would love to have you as counselor in our referral network in that regard, assuming you are okay with our Statement of Faith which you can view under the About Us tab on this website.

You might wonder: What if a couple prefers mentoring to counseling and thereby reduces my opportunity to counsel them? We have found the opposite to be true. Couples accessing our mentor program become more open to the possibility of counseling, not less. Occasionally a couple comes to our program who feels their issues do not merit counseling (whether that is perception or reality) or who are resistant to the value of counseling for one reason or another. You know all about that. Again, our program tends to create and increase awareness of their need to possibly seek counseling.

Additionally, counselors tend to send couples our way after counseling them, which again, is a great combo. You might also be concerned about the faith-based nature of our program. Couples accessing Marriage Mentors marriage mentor programs do not need to make any profession of faith in order to participate in and greatly benefit from a mentorship. Please consider partnering with us so that together we might impact many more couples in Michiana. I will be glad to receive any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your invaluable service to the people of your community.

We are always on the lookout for more counselors to whom we can refer our mentee couples when that need is indicated, whether or not those counselors refer couples to our program. There is no competition here, just interfacing reinforcement for maximum help to as many struggling couples as possible. I would love to hear from you. Paul Spasic Director, Marriage Mentors