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Partnerships with Pastors/Churches


Thank you Pastor for taking a few moments to consider marriage mentoring and its incredible added value to your ministry.

In my 25 plus years of pastoral ministry and 13 years of marriage ministry I have yet to meet a pastor that did not want to see struggling married couples resourced to overcome their struggles. The obvious barriers to that are finding the time and energy to do so along with all of the other ministry aspects of preaching, shepherding, administration, and miscellaneous duties.

That is where Marriage Mentors with its marriage mentor programs comes to the rescue. We are all about “...equipping the saints for the work of the ministry...” (Eph. 4:12, NKJV).

Every church has one or more married couples with a relationship healthy enough to be trained as marriage mentors to other couples who are struggling. Particularly for those of you in Michiana, we can come to your church, for a very reasonable training fee, and equip such mentors with our adequately extensive and yet “user-friendly” training. It can be done on a Saturday from about 9:00 AM to 3:45PM.  I can sometimes do this outside of Michiana as well.

I’ve even had churches adapt it to their mid-week programming such that it is done on three consecutive Wednesday evenings.

The trained marriage mentors are then available for you to use “in-house” as you determine, and, if you like, “out-of-house” via the Marriage Mentors network matching trained mentor couples with struggling couples that come to us seeking marital help. Those mentee couples often have either very fringe involvement in a local church, or are still searching for a home church, or, although professing faith in Christ, have no church home.

Being mentored by a couple from your church therein provides a strategic opportunity to invite them to possibly become a part of your church. Or, your mentor couple may find the opportunity to lead their mentee couple in to a personal relationship with Christ, thereby making the experience a strategic evangelistic outreach of your church.  Our biblically-based and culturally relevant mentor training enables any mentee couple to benefit from increased communication and conflict skills acquisition whether or not they make a profession of faith.

Does a mentor couple from church A ever draw a mentee couple who considers church B their church home out of church B into church A?  To my knowledge, that has never happened.

Check out our Statement of Faith underneath the About Us tab on our website homepage to learn our core beliefs theologically and doctrinally.  Attention EFCA pastors!  Contact Scott Yoder, for his endorsement.

Consider joining the variety of Michiana churches already partnering with Marriage Mentors representing numerous denominations and nondenominational faith traditions. Our mentor couples represent more than three dozen denominations and the Catholic faith tradition as well. Paul Spasic Director, Marriage Mentors