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Partnerships with Social Service Agencies

As social services professionals you know that the health of the family is integral to the health of those you so faithfully serve.

Why not reinforce and multiply the potential outcomes of all that you do by partnering with the marriage mentor programs of Marriage Mentors?

You can easily do that by simply handing a client one of my biz cards, encouraging them to check out our website if they are struggling in their marriage or planning to get married. Having worked for seven years in the social service field of assisting persons with disabilities, I have something of an idea what that landscape looks like.

I see social services as a great field with many opportunities to help those served achieve greater independence, health (mental, physical, familial, and otherwise), and other very worthy objectives. I also see partnerships between various social services and a marriage strengthening program such as our as a win-win-win.

Your agency wins by referring clients to a program that further solidifies and augments what you do for them. Your clients win by accessing combined services that together help them achieve their goals in a more holistic way. And, of course, Marriage Mentors wins by making our program more available to those couples who desperately need it.

I would be glad to meet with you and/or your supervisor at your convenience at your agency to discuss the exciting possibilities of working together in this kind of partnership. I am convinced we would be breaking ground in Michiana that has yet to be explored for the best interests of those we serve.

While we are a 501(c)3, faith-based organization, the couples we serve by no means must profess faith in order to participate in and benefit significantly from our marriage mentor programs. Our mentor programs emphasize strengthening communication and conflict resolution skills in the daily routines of married living.

Every couple, professing faith or not, can greatly benefit from that emphasis. I will of course be glad to keep you supplied with rack cards.

Contact me so we can at least begin a dialogue about such a partnership. Perhaps you will have exciting ideas that have never occurred to me to see the potential of a partnership between our two organizations develop in ways that serve the best interests of those we serve.

Call or text me at: 574-651-7627; email me through the CONTACT US page.

Paul Spasic Director, Marriage Mentors