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Marriage Strengthening Tip #7, The Easiest Way to Weaken Your Marriage

After forty-one years of marriage, I have decided that the easiest thing I can do to weaken my relationship with my wife is to simply take her for granted.  This of course goes both ways, for the husband or wife.  Here is how that works; I call it the eclipse factor.  We get so focused on...


Marriage Strengthening Tip #6: Let Her Be a Woman; Let Him Be a Man

I happen to think that the "gender differences" thing gets somewhat overemphasized.  Of course men and women think, talk, and priortize differently in certain ways.  But, they are actually far more alike than they are different--especially when it comes to what matters most.  Stick either of them in a...


You Can Refer a Couple Without Referring Them!

Yes, a bit contradictory, but here's what I mean.  As noted in my other blogs about referring couples to our marriage mentor program, discretion is indeed necessary.  Any hint of Yikes, you two need help! is very likely inappropriate.  However, there is a simple way to refer couples without doing so in...


Marriage Strengthening Tip #5: Never Stop Dating!

That is, never stop dating your spouse!  Now, we live in a day in which it is more acceptable for the female to be the one to initiate a date, do the driving, and so forth.  I don't question that near as strongly as I once did.  However, after working with many couples over the years, I can tell...


Marriage Strengthening Tip #4: Good Intentions May Not Be Enough

Recently my wife and I were on the way to provide a couple with some marriage counseling.  As we drove along we spoke of sharing with the couple about how being well intentioned, alone, is not enough to best handle conflict.  "I didn't intend for what I did (said) to affect you that way!" ...


Mentor with Marriage Mentors, In Your Own Church, or On Your Own

You should know that once trained as marriage mentors in this program, you have options of where to do your mentoring.  You may of course become one of the 100 plus trained marriage mentor couples in the Marriage Mentors "pool".  In that case i would be contacting you when I have a Michiana mentee couple...