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Marriage Strengthening and Crisis Intervention

A marriage that lasts forever refocuses on how to more effectively communicate, resolve conflict, meet each other’s needs and convey unconditional love & respect.

Mentors help a couple learn such skills!

What Is It?

A trained Christian couple administers a marriage inventory to any couple wanting to enrich or strengthen their marriage. The inventory identifies issues from five basic categories on which the couple needs work. Increased understanding and communication about those issues is facilitated by the mentor couple.

Who Needs It?

Any couple who feels their marriage is “stalled”, headed the wrong way, or somewhat at risk. Also, any couple who describes their marriage as a “decent” one, yet recognizes it needs strengthened or enriched. EVERY other couple out there desiring to take their marriage from fair to good or good to great!

What If We Are In Crisis? 

Your assessment session with Director Paul Spasic might indicate that you are in a crisis mode such that either or both of you are considering divorce or perhaps have already taken that step.  Should that be the case, Paul will do one of two things:

  1. Refer you to an area professional Christian counselor in whom he has confidence so you can do counseling before or along with this mentorship program, or
  2. If Paul thinks it is appropriate, he will have your mentor couple address your crisis mode first and foremost via a DVD series called Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce prior to proceeding with the basic marriage strengthening program. 

Paul relies on his own masters level counseling training and his dozen (plus) years of experience as Director of this program to make the determination as to which of these two routes to send you.

How Does It Work?

Marriage Mentors does a thorough training equipping mentor couples  to utilize the REFOCCUS marriage inventory tool with the mentee couple. The two couples meet about half a dozen times for 90 minutes each session. In each session they concentrate on one of five categories of issues:

  • Marriage as a Process
  • Intimacy
  • Compatibility
  • Communication
  • Commitment.

A sixth category focuses on couples heavily involved in ministry. A seventh category is for empty nesters.  They meet in either of their homes weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. The objective is to provide the awareness, support, and inspiration for the mentee couple to take their marriage relationship to the next level of adjustment, fulfillment, or purpose.

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