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Pre-Marital Mentorship

A marriage the lasts forever begins with engaged couples adjusting expectations to the realities of married living, one another's style & needs, and a biblical standard.

Our trained marriage mentor couples help them do just that!

What Is It?

A certified trained couple administers a premarital inventory to any couple wanting the program as quality marriage preparation. The inventory identifies issues from thirteen categories of married life on which the couple needs to “focus”. Increased understanding and communication about those issues are facilitated by the mentor couple.

Who Needs It?

Any engaged or seriously dating couple!  Or, you may have been together for some time, but now desire to seek the Lord’s blessing upon your union through a church wedding.  This program would serve as marriage preparation for you.

This program in its entirety (or a portion of it) can serve as an excellent supplement to whatever premarital counseling the officiating minister may provide the couple.

How Does It Work?

Marriage Mentor's certified training thoroughly equips the mentor couple to utilize the FOCCUS marriage inventory tool with the mentee couple. Preferably several months prior to the wedding the mentor and mentee couple meet 4-6 times, an hour and a half each time.

Even though the marriage preparation inventory tool is an excellent communication facilitator, the best things often happen spontaneously between the four people. The "couple to couple" discussion dynamics between the foursome facilitates understanding. The power of example, support, hospitality, and prayer enter in. The mentor couple does not attempt to counsel or correct. They know their boundaries and refer to pastors, counselors, or others as needed.

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