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Become Mentors!

Mentor with Marriage Mentors, In Your Own Church, or On Your Own

You should know that once trained as marriage mentors in this program, you have options of where to do your mentoring.  You may of course become one of the 100 plus trained marriage mentor couples in the Marriage Mentors "pool".  In that case i would be contacting you when I have a Michi


What Are We Committing to As Marriage Mentors?

Without exception, couples who choose to become marriage mentors with our organization are couples whose "ministry plate" tends to be already full.  That is because couples who make good marriage mentors also make good elders, deacons, small group leaders, youth/children's ministry helpers, men's


You May Be Qualified to Become Marriage Mentors and Not Know It!

If you have not yet viewed the video under the GET INVOLVED tab on the home page, please do so.  Just hover your cursor over that tab and then click on the first drop down box that says BECOME A MENTOR COUPLE.